Our process has been meticulously tested and refined to the point where we mitigate risk and deliver you real results.


With decades of combined experience in the electronics design industry, our team has perfected a method of product development that cuts out risk and delivers real results. Our step by step process will keep you at the head of your design as we help perfect and launch your greatest dreams.

Whether you are just starting the design process and are looking for an end-to-end solution, or you are looking for help with a step along the way, contact us. We are excited to hear about what you are working on and discuss how we might be able to help.




Apricity will work with your team to determine the scope of the task at hand. Whether you’re working with a sketch and an idea, or iterating for the next generation of an existing project, this is the time to define project requirements and align on a vision for the upcoming engineering and design work.


pcb design

Design checkpoints along the way provide opportunities to ensure that the product as-designed aligns with your vision. Getting off the drawing board and into prototyping will inform any final design choices and prepare you for testing and a transition to manufacturing.



From simple power-on operations to complex controls, communication protocols, and signal processing, firmware is where everything comes together. We pride ourselves in solving challenging problems while providing elegant, stable and maintainable code to get your cutting-edge technology to market. Our firmware and hardware engineers work closely together to optimize development time, hardware cost, and performance within the constraints of your project.


first prototype

Our prototyping process begins during the design phase, with early 3D prints of your part used to validate size, shape, and fit-up of your system’s components. Prototyping continues with a transition from one-off prints into a transition to manufacturing. Whether you need 50 or 500,000 of your finished product, we will help you choose an appropriate manufacturing method.



Make a lot of the product you want, quickly and efficiently, and release it. We will help you select a manufacturing process and manufacturing partner, and move your product into full-scale production.


final Production

Establishing guidelines for quality control, approving first models, and optimizing assembly procedures will ensure that you receive the product you want in a timely manner at your optimal price point.

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